frequently asked questions
Who is Eukalypto?
Eukalypto is a publishing company created by authors for authors. We are an alternative to both traditional publishing and self-publishing. Our philosophy is based on the concept of fairness.
We are fair to our authors, fair to our readers, and fair to our environment.
Who are the members of your team and where are you based?
We are a group of Lebanese, French, British and Canadian authors and editors, spread around the globe.
The company is registered in Cyprus.
Is Eukalypto a hybrid or vanity publisher?
No. Eukalypto is a fair-trade publisher. We handle all book publishing processes such as editing, design, production and distribution for a percentage of the royalties (see our standard contract ). We do not ask authors to invest or share in any of the costs of production. Our strength and added value is in managing these tasks for the author.
Who will retain the rights of the books you publish?
Authors assign Eukalypto the exclusive rights to publish, reproduce and sell their work in all formats including digital and audio, in English and in French, for a limited duration stipulated in the contract. Authors retain the rights to all other languages and adaptations. However, if an adaptation or a translation deal is signed during the contract period, Eukalypto will receive a percentage of the profits.
How exactly are the profits divided?
Original book version:
- 50% author(s)
- 47.5% Eukalypto (Eukalypto, freelance proofreaders and editors, cover designer)
- 2.5% “Fair Pot” (see below)
Translated book version:
- 35% author(s)
- 15% translation team
- 47.5% Eukalypto (Eukalypto, freelance proofreaders and editors, cover designer)
- 2.5% “Fair Pot” (see below)
What is the Fair Pot?
2.5% of the profits from every book sale are equally divided between all the authors signed by Eukalypto and published in the same collection, so that each author shares in everybody’s profits.
What types of books do you publish?
Our long-term goal is to publish all types of books in all genres, and have “There’s a Eukalypto for everyone” as our slogan. However, as a start-up, our focus right now is on titles that have mass audience appeal. We feel that this strategy will enable us to publish all types of books in the future.
In what languages do you publish books?
We publish both English and French books. And if we believe there is a market for a translated version, the book may be published simultaneously in both languages. If not, then it will be translated once it has sold a certain number of copies.
What are Eukalypto’s criteria for accepting submissions?
When our editorial team is in the process of evaluating a submission, they look for both quality content and marketability, at once in order to decide if the work can be of interest to us and to determine the collection it belongs in.
Are your books divided into collections?
In its first year, Eukalypto will launch two collections:
Main Collection
Including both fiction and non-fiction genres with mass market appeal.
Club Collection
Including both fiction and non-fiction titles that may not have mass market appeal but are written to very high literary standards.
We will launch the Junior Collection in our second year. This collection will include both fiction and non-fiction books intended for younger audiences.
Do you accept books with illustrations?
Yes, we do. But please note that for technical reasons, e-books can only be published with illustrations in separate sections and not embedded into sections of text.
Can an author create their own cover design?
Yes, but with the final approval of Eukalypto’s design team. Having their own cover art increases the author’s revenue share.
Will books be available in bookstores?
No. Eukalypto is both a publisher and a book selling platform. Besides, the presence in bookstores generates significant costs related to distribution and storage, and our model relies precisely on avoiding such costs.
Books will be sold online only, through the Eukalypto website:
- Digital books – e-books – will be sold directly on our platform.
- For printed books, users will be redirected to two external websites, one for pocket-sized copies, and one for large-sized copies.
Will the website allow readers to leave reviews?
Not in the initial stages of Eukalypto’s launch. However, each book will have dedicated pages on social media where readers can comment, review and debate.
Will you organize book signings?
No. However, book signings can be organized by the authors themselves at their own expense.In order to avoid excess stocks, we will ask those attending the signing to order their copy in advance and bring it with them.
Any surplus print-copy stock will be at the author’s expense.
How does Eukalypto protect its books against piracy?
Eukalypto won’t be using any type of protection against piracy for one simple reason: all digital protection can be cracked.

Instead of spending energy and resources on codes and algorithms, we have chosen to rely on the growing sense of equity in humankind, by engaging our readership through social media and other forms of marketing, in order to raise awareness and create a community of readers who understand the value of a book and are willing to pay a fair price for it.

We want our readership to become the backbone of our fair and humanistic approach, and we will be concentrating our efforts in this direction.