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Created by a group of authors, translators, and editors, Eukalypto is an independent publishing company that offers its books worldwide, in English and in French, in two paper formats and three digital ones.

Innovative, inclusive, and freethinking, we are also one of the most eco-friendly publishing companies in the world, since our paper books are only produced on demand. Furthermore, 5% of the profits from their sale go to reforestation organisations.

Finally, we are fair publishers, sharing the profits of each book equitably between our authors, our contributors and ourselves.

Eukalypto: All for books and books for all!
We're Fair towards
our authors
We don’t ask authors for any financial contribution. Our standard contract is fair and equitable. In addition, our authors benefit not only from their own book sales but from all the books sold by Eukalypto within the same collection.
our readers
We select well-crafted and original books which our editorial team produces at the highest standards and makes available at affordable prices.
our environment
Printed books are only produced on demand, and 5% of all print-on-demand books’ profits go towards organisations actively working to reforest the planet.
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Behind the scenes

Eukalypto is the first publishing company to offer its books:

- Worldwide,

- In two languages: English and French,

- In five formats: three digital (ePUB, MOBI, PDF) and two paper formats (Pocket size, Large size),

- At affordable prices.

 We are also fair publishers, sharing the profits of each book equitably between our authors, our contributors and ourselves. We produce the digital books internally and sell them through our website, and design print-on-demand books that are sold and distributed by and via dedicated external platforms. This unique formula allows us to rethink and rebalance the relationship between author, publisher, and reader. It also affords our authors the best offer currently available in the world of publishing, while providing our readers with high standard quality books.

To the three novels of our launching catalogue, we added three new titles in March 2023. And our team is still reading, choosing, and editing submissions received from international authors in numerous

Let the adventure begin.