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Eukalypto is not only one of the most innovative publishing companies of its generation: We are also a team of experts who will guide and help you through every step of the self-publishing process, if you choose that path.

Nora Lebbos is the first author to self-publish her book after being trained by Eukalypto.
You can find her novel Félix est mort (French) in these two formats:
And below is her testimonial:

I met Eukalyptos editorial team about a year ago when I submitted a manuscript. From the moment they contacted me, we worked together on developing my story. The fact that they are a group of authors who have themselves self-published novels motivated me to embark on this adventure with one of my novels, Félix is dead (Félix est mort).


Eukalyptos team encouraged me and offered their experience as well as their technical advice; I had difficulties with the layout: horizontal justification, pagination, etc., technical tricks which the editors are proficient in. Such a headache! Eukalypto trained me in these different techniques during several work sessions. Their invaluable help contributed to the editing of my novel and, above all, allowed me to become more familiar with the profession of editor. Thanks to this experience, I am now comfortable with both paper and digital editions. I have taken such a liking to creating my book that I am thinking of self-publishing my next one too. Eukalyptos team is a competent group of helpful authors.


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