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Al Roy
Al Roy
Al Roy
Al Roy

Al was born in England in 1962, moved to Ontario at age 6, then back and forth between the United States and Canada until eventually settling in Toronto

During his final year of high school, Al wrote his first story, a one page bit called Snowflakes featuring a little girl named Djika. It won the third prize in a contest and a hundred dollars (or maybe 50, he can’t remember), which “lit the spark and kept the inspiration burning all these years.”

Al has worked in many jobs, from McDonalds, to the mailroom, as an Usher, Proofreader, Security Guard, Administrator, and Coordinator. He was temporarily a comic shop owner in the 1980’s.

Also, he fell in love, raised a family, wrote a few comic book stories, and a collection of individual page pieces.

Al has a passion for problem solving, politics, reading, and getting the argument against the void right. His deepest passion is writing though, and he will not stop “until they drag the keyboard from [his] cold dead fingertips”.
His first novel The Djika Equation, is a strange, anarchist, and dark Sci-Fi.